Experimental Documentary Film

Directed by Suzy Gillett

Produced by
Ian Bone

Epiphany - Mystics and Anarchists of the English Revolution from SUZY GILLETT on Vimeo.


Ian Bone as Cromwell’s scheming sidekick John Thurloe

Screened at the Whitechapel
London and Bristol Anarchist Bookfairs.

Epiphany is about the rise and fall of the mystics and anarchists of the English Revolution. The Fifth Monarchists stood up to the restoration of the Monarchy in 1661 and were hung drawn and quartered for their efforts.
The Muggletonians lasted for 300 years, keeping a low profile they had their own religious beliefs that successfully continued until well after the restoration of the Monarchy.
Celebrating these little known political and religious sects of the English Civil War, a collective of people made a re-enactment of Venner's uprising on the 6th January where he marched into the city to St Paul's fighting off the army in a hopeless battle.
Incarnated by contemporary anarchists, Ian Bone and Martin Wright.

Director : Suzy Gillett
Camera Peter Mann, Jody GIllett Sound Jody Gillett, Suzy Gillett
Editing Peter Mann
Production Ian Bone
Starring Ian Bone as John Thurloe
Martin Wright as Thomas Venner
Richard Lamy as Major General Thomas Harrison

Shot on the streets of the City of London

With cries of ‘Kill the King’ Venner storms St Pauls. 

With the grandson and great-grandaughter of the last Muggletonian.